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About Me

Irene Moscey as a young girlIrene Moscey (Mościbrodzka) discovered her passion for art as a young girl in Poland. She attended an art school there and continues to paint to this day.

Now she lives in Bristol, R.I.

Since she arrived there in 2009, Irene has shared her beautiful and sensitive paintings with the community through various exhibits. Committed to sharing artistic skills and encouraging budding artists, Irene participated in the Foster Grandparents program in the Art Department at Mt. Hope High School for five and a half years.

Irene has the ability to create watercolors with an original, rare technique. Reflecting the subtlety of handling a difficult medium with an awareness of tonal and textural differences, her natural subject matter reveals a poetic, organic quality.

Her oil paintings also demonstrate effective choices of color and composition.

She would love to hear from you: